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Consultation and Engagement

Below are details about some of our engagement and consultation activities currently taking place:  

Gluten-free foods and over the counter medicines

LCCG has to evaluate every service it commissions to ensure it continues to offer good quality, good outcomes and the best value for money and we now have some difficult decisions to make about prioritising funding for 2017/8 and beyond.
The provision of two key services on prescription has been identified nationally and locally as areas where changes could be made.
Therefore, we are holding a local 90 day consultation to gather views on the prescribing of:
  •  Gluten-free foods 
  •  And medicines that can be bought over-the-counter in shops and supermarkets  
It is important to point out that no decisions have been made on the proposals and we would like to encourage everyone to take the survey and help to inform the decision making process.  

Click here to feedback on the proposals and take part in the survey   

We are also mindful of the national consultation that took place earlier this year by Department of Health on the availability of gluten-free foods on NHS prescription. We will be incorporating the recommendations of the national consultation into our own decision making process, as well as considering our own findings locally. 

Follow the link to our YouTube Channel for this information in Urdu
For a paper copy of this questionnaire please call 01582 532 074.

Extended Hours in Primary Care  

From April 2019 LCCG aim to provide a service whereby extended hours appointments are offered to patients on weekday evenings, and at weekends (depending on local demand for patients) regardless of which surgery they are registered at.
It may mean however, that patients visit a nearby practice and see a different health professional from the one they may usually see at their registered practice.
The new changes hope to make it far easier for hardworking people and their families to fit seeing a GP around their busy lives.
To ensure that everyone has an input into the availability of extended opening hours, LCCG and NHS England are holding a month-long online engagement survey from 30 October - 30 November and we are inviting everyone to give us their views:
Click here to give your views on Extended Hours in Luton.
For a paper copy of this questionnaire please call 01582 532 074.

Community Health Services

Luton Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) and Luton Borough Council (LBC) are undertaking a piece of work to gather people's views on the community services provided in Luton, to collect feedback about as many healthcare services as we can.

We are keen to hear about your experiences with the different services and gather views and ideas of what the service could look like in the future. 

You can feedback on as many or as few services as you like, and can do this all at once. There are two surveys - one for adult’s services and one for children’s services.

The surveys are running for four weeks from 2 November to 30 November.  

The Adult’s Community Health Services provided cover the following areas:

·         Community/District Nursing

·         Phlebotomy (collecting blood samples)

·         Integrated Discharge Team

·         GP Liaison Service

·         Falls Service

·         Cancer and Palliative Care Services

·         Tissue Viability

·         Deep Vein Thrombosis

·         Anticoagulation

·         Tuberculosis Service

·         Specialist Nursing - Diabetes

·         Specialist Nursing – Heart Failure

·         Specialist Nursing – Respiratory

·         Specialist Nursing – Parkinson’s

·         At Home First Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Teams /Community Matron Service/Rapid Response Nurse Service

·         Continence Service

·         Nutrition and Dietetics

·         Speech and Language Therapy

·         Cancer and Palliative Care Psychology

·         Acquired Brain Injury Team


The Children’s Community Health Services provided cover the following areas:

·         Health Visitors

·         School Nursing

·         Community Paediatrics

·         Children’s Community Nursing

·         Children’s Rapid Response

·         Continuing Care for Complex Health Conditions

·         Audiology (hearing)

·         Eye Service

·         Continence Services

·         Screening for sickle cell and Thalassemia service

·         Pre-School Feeding/Breast Feeding Service

·         Speech and Language Therapy

·         Occupational Therapy

·         Health assessment service for looked after children



Click here to feedback back on adult’s community services


Click here to feedback on children’s community services


Please make sure you click 'done' on the final page to ensure you submit your response(s).


For more information contact  Kamini Patel on 01582 531845 or Email:  
For a paper copy of these questionnaires please call 01582 532 074.
This survey is also available on the Luton Borough Council website.

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