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NHS Luton Clinical Commissioning Group (Luton CCG) is a statutory organisation that was formed on 1st April 2013. Luton CCG operates from its offices in Luton town centre at: Arndale House, 3rd Floor, The Mall, Luton LU1 2LJ

As a membership organisation, all General Practices within Luton are members. A significant proportion of GPs also have additional responsibilities within the CCG as Board Members, Clinical Directors, committee members or in clinical leadership roles associated with specific programmes of

Luton CCG is led by doctors and nurses and other healthcare professionals.  Each of the 28 GP practices in Luton is a member and provides local health knowledge and experience.  In this way, we can act together to provide services more effectively.

The CCG has taken over many of the responsibilities that were previously performed by the primary care trust,  NHS Luton.  We plan, organise and purchase NHS funded health care for the people of Luton.  This includes hospital services, community health services (such as district nursing, health visiting and various therapies) and mental health services.

Since its formation, Luton CCG has been paying for the majority of health services in the area, ensuring an effective, high quality health service with access where and when you need it.  We will also continue to work to reduce health inequalities.

By working together, we can achieve and ensure the best value and high quality health care for Lutonians.

For more information on clinical commissioning in Luton, and how clinicians are involved, please keep an eye on our news section.

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