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Our Outcome Goals

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We have worked closely with the Luton Health and Wellbeing Board to develop three priority outcomes for a healthier Luton, based on local health needs.  These are:

1   To give every child and young person in Luton a healthy start in life

Strong evidence suggests that what children experience throughout childhood will influence their health later in their lives.  Focusing on child health will not only improve the health of children but of their families too.

2   To reduce health inequalities in Luton

We will prioritise prevention and the early detection of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory disease, in areas with the poorest outcomes.

3   To support adults and older people to be healthier and more independent

We will support people to live longer and healthier lives, by focusing on helping those with long-term conditions such as diabetes and heart conditions, to live independently and in more control of their health.

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