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Our Constitution

All clinical commissioning groups must have  a constitution, in line with regulations set out within the Health and Social Care Act 2012.  

The Constitution is a legal document that sets out how Luton Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) will carry out its statutory role as a NHS commissioning organisation. In effect, the rules and arrangements by which LCCG will need to work to be an effective, open and properly governed CCG. As such, our Constitution:   

  • Reflects the voices of our member practices (all 28 Luton GP practices)
  • Ensures that decisions are taken democratically
  • Enables GP practices to use their insight, expertise and local knowledge to influence the shape of health services for their patients
  • Meets the statutory obligations of our GP practices in Luton
  • Enables  our GP practices to demonstrate that they are accountable and operate transparently
  • Help us to be the most effective clinical commissioner that we can be.

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