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Emergency planning

The CCG has a duty to protect and promote the health of the community, including times of any emergency, significant incidents or major incident. It has a statutory role in its capacity as a Category 2 responder, as defined in The Civil Contingencies Act (2004), in planning for and responding to any incident with significant or major consequences for health or health services in partnership with other parts of the NHS, the emergency services and local authorities. 

Each year the CCG is required to follow a stringent assessment process which involves a self-assessment process and then a confirm and challenge process is completed in the form of an Executive Peer to Peer review with NHS England. From the last Peer to Peer
Review the Clinical Commissioning Group was deemed to be partially compliant. 

The key areas of concern identified, along with the action being taken to address the concerns identified are detailed below:
- Ensure the CCG maintains s sufficient competent staff to respond to an incident and also to deliver the EPRR agenda within the organisation. 
This area will be addressed through the on-going training and exercising plan along with standardisation of on-call arrangements through the combined EPRR training and exercising programme across NHS Luton CCG and NHS Bedfordshire CCG.

- Work with Bedfordshire CCG to begin to demonstrate ownership of the local EPRR agenda across Bedfordshire and Luton, including chairing the LHRP Sub-Group and ensuring delivery of local EPRR arrangements. 
LHRP Sub Group is now being chaired by the Resilience & Business Continuity Manager for both Clinical Commissioning Groups. Local EPRR programme delivery will be centred on this group involving all relevant providers and organisations.
- Ensure representation NHS to appropriate LRF sub-groups, particularly the Communications Sub-Group. 
NHS Luton CCG is represented on the BLLRF Communications Sub Group by Luton Borough Council and has been since the Commissioning Support Unit withdrew from supporting the Clinical Commissioning Group, therefore this action is deemed to be complete.

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