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Equality & Cohesion

Inclusion and Cohesion are integral to the work of Luton Clinical Commissioning Group. We recognise that understanding how and where health services are effectively deployed and taking account of the ‘differences’ or protected characteristics found amongst us all, can have a profound impact on the quality and health and well being outcomes across the diverse communities we serve.

The Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty, have raised the bar for public bodies in England and Wales including the NHS, through the bespoke Equality Delivery System (EDS). The purpose of the EDS is to drive equality performance and embed equality into mainstream NHS business.

The information below provides an overview of what we are doing to assist our staff and providers across Luton in meeting the challenges of inequalities, improved service outcomes and effective engagement as the NHS meets the economic, quality and re-configuration challenges of the future.

WRES Joint Action Plan

Please use the download link below to view our joint BLMK equality and diversity action plan.

WRES Reporting Template

If you'd like to view the WRES reporting template for Luton CCG, they are available here:


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