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Information for professionals

Under construction. Please contact Daniel Dyball for more information.

Information for Professionals




Mellow in Luton has been administered across schools, voluntary centres and children centres. We're always interested in new sites that would be interested in hosting a group, so please feel free to express your interest by emailing us at Mellow in Luton.

Mellow in Luton is an expansion of the Mellow parenting charity which originally constructed the Mellow programme in Scotland. Whilst Luton has now grown into a separate entity from the Mellow parenting charity, we still work closely together to ensure we stay at the forefront of parenting expertise.

Mellow in Luton is currently a subsidiary of the Pre-School Learning Alliance.Mellow in Luton has had exceptional results working with mothers who are involved with social services. Out outcomes have found that mothers who engage in a Mellow group are more likely to reduce their social services plan. Our recent evaluations can be accessed via the download link below:Mellow in Luton is currently engaged in 2 studies, both evaluating the programme and giving a better understanding of the outcomes of completing a Mellow programme. Mellow strives to be a the cutting edge, and employs a number of new and exciting evaluation methods to ensure that we fully understand the changes that occur during a Mellow programme.


For more information, please feel free to download our leaflet, and watch the video below which shows how well Mellow parenting has gone down in the City of Westminster!





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