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Integrated Personal Commissioning

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Luton has recently become an Integrated Personal Commissioning demonstrator site. It is a new initiative by NHS England to join up health and social care for those with high level, complex needs. It shifts power to the individuals who access health and social care, allowing them to shape the services around their needs instead of fitting around standard service provisions. The goals of the programme are to create a better quality of life for those with complex needs and their carers, prevention of crises that lead to unplanned hospital and institutional care and better integration and quality of care.

IPC will involve producing one care plan which covers all the health and social care needs of the individual and an optional integrated personal budget, where appropriate, to enable those needs to be met with the services of the patient’s choosing.

The programme will run for three years. The cohorts will be for dementia, learning difficulties and mental health due to their needs often spanning across health and social care.

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