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Individual Funding Requests

Luton CCG wishes to commission services and interventions which are evidence-based in order to achieve the best outcomes for patients and ensure that all patients receive the best possible quality of care.

Some treatments cannot be justified as there is little evidence to say they improve health, or the benefit measured against the possible risk to patients is not strong. This means that on occasion we may have to make some hard choices between funding something of possible benefit for one patient or funding something of proven benefit for many.

This is why doctors and other health professionals have produced a list of treatments which the NHS won't provide, and others which will only be done in certain circumstances.  The policy documents can be found by clicking here.

In circumstances where we do not fund a particular treatment, you may have the option to make a request for the non-commissioned care by submitting an Individual Funding Request (IFR).

An IFR is a request received from a provider, or a patient with explicit support from a clinician, which seeks funding for a single identified patient for a specific treatment that is not covered by existing Commissioning Authority policy. A panel will consider IFR requests, aiming to both promote fairness and ensure effective use of resources.


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