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Red Bag - Care home staff

  • When an ambulance is called for a resident, the care home staff will ensure that the correct paperwork is completed and included in the Red Bag. Templates have been provided with the aim of moving to standardised documentation across the health and social care system to ensure all staff can access vital information quickly and easily. Where existing documentation includes the template information, this can be used. 
  • They will also ensure that the bag includes selected medication the person is currently taking: e.g. inhalers, insulin, one change of dressing, as detailed on the red bag medication do’s and don’ts, and personal belongings that they will need in hospital: Change of clothes for day of discharge, slippers, toiletries, dentures, hearing aid, glasses, reading book, etc.
  • The care home staff will complete the red bag checklist and include it in the Red Bag.
  • When the ambulance arrives they will make sure that the ambulance personnel take the Red Bag and know what they are to do with it. If the ambulance staff are unsure, the care home staff will explain the requirements to them.

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