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Barriers to taking part in Cancer Screening in Luton

In 2018 Luton CCG ran a campaign to raise awareness and encourage more people to attend the free screening that the NHS offers in order to detect cancer as early as possible. Free screening is offered for breast, bowel and cervical cancers, because it offers early detection and saves lives. 

Our campaign included videos on social media and Youtube explaining what happens during bowel, breast and cervical screening; information at local GP surgeries, promotion at key community events including partnering with MacMiIllan at the Luton Mela  and Luton Carnival, a social media awareness campaign and media
We ran the campaign following a survey to understand why people in Luton are reluctant to take part in cancer screening.
The survey was carried out between May and November 2017 and the findings were reported in April 2018.
Some of the key findings of the report include:
  • A third of local residents were unaware of NHS cancer screening.

  • Breast Cancer Screening - 49%said fear of being diagnosed positive stopped them from participating in breast screening. 35% said that they didn’t know how the test would be done.

  • Cervical Screening - 49% said embarrassment of doing the test was the most common reason for not having cervical screening. 42% said that fear of a positive diagnosis prevented them from have cervical screening. 

  • Bowel Cancer Screening - 62% said ‘not understanding how to do the test’ was the reason for not participating in screening. 47% were too embarrassed and 47% were frightened of a positive diagnosis.

  • Almost half of male participants were unaware of bowel cancer screening.

  • Participants from black or minority ethnic groups reported much lower awareness of cancer screening than those of a white ethnicity. 

  • Research was commissioned by Luton's Cancer Action Group and carried out by Luton Clinical Commissioning Group in partnership with Cancer Research UK’s Health Facilitator team, who work with GP practices and other health professionals across the East of England to improve the early diagnosis of cancer.

Cancer treatment is more likely to be successful if cancer is diagnosed at an early stage. In response to the findings in the report LCCG 

The full report is attached below.
Follow the links below to find out how to use a bowel cancer screening home kit:
Find out what happens at a cervical cancer screening appointment:
Find out what happens at breast screening appointments: 

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