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Our Communications and Engagement approach

A new approach to engagement

As a CCG, we are fully committed to fulfilling our statutory duty in ensuring that public and patients are fully informed and involved in the planning and development of health services.

From the NHS England’s Patient Engagement Indicator, and feedback from our Patient Reference Group ( now replaced by the Luton Health and Social Care Engagement Group) we recognised the need to improve engagement with the communities we serve.

Our new approach to engagement was delivered to the CCG Governing Body meeting on 10 July 2018 in a presentation called "A common approach to engagement".

"A common approach to engagement" describes how patients and the public, Patient Participation Groups and organisations such as Healthwatch have been involved and feedback to the Governing Body Governing Body through participation in consultations and reporting committees.

Our new approach ensures Luton CCG is delivering its statutory duty and gives a greater voice to patients and the public in supporting commissioning local services.

The presentation "A common approach to engagement" is available to download below.

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