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Respiratory Services

LCCG has a dynamic collaborative team working with the ethos of improving respiratory patient care.

Our Aims for 2020 are:

  • Improving integration –respiratory initiatives jointly developed
  • Further development of community respiratory hubs
  • Utilising data to focus plans to support improvement
  • Supporting staff development and sharing information
  • Focus on improving outcomes in Asthma
  • Focus on patient and community engagement

A common respiratory/lung disease is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Having COPD makes it hard to breathe it is a condition that mainly affects middle-aged or older adults who smoke. Many people do not realise they have it. The breathing problems tend to get gradually worse over time and can limit your normal activities, although treatment can help keep the condition under control.

There are two main forms of COPD:

  1. Chronic bronchitis, which involves a long-term cough with mucus.
  2. Emphysema, which involves damage to the lungs over time.

The main symptoms of COPD are:

  • increasing breathlessness, particularly when you're active
  • a persistent chesty cough with phlegm – some people may dismiss this as just a "smoker's cough"
  • frequent chest infections
  • persistent wheezing

Without treatment, the symptoms usually get progressively worse. There may also be periods when they get suddenly worse, known as a flare-up or exacerbation.

Find out more about the symptoms of COPD.

For more information see NHS England website and the British Lung Foundation website.

Or locally there is a support group open to people with any form of lung disease, their carers, friends and family.

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